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In January, 1995 Ted Taylor wrote in his Philadelphia Daily News column about the large number of people who still cared about Philadelphia's long-departed American League team, the Athletics or A's. He called it "The Secret Society of A's Fans" and from that column sprung the Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society, Inc.Ted served as co-founder of the A's Society (in August 1996) and then as its' first president from August, 1996, to September, 1999.


For 12 years Ted Taylor's award winning sports hobby column appeared weekly in the Philadelphia Daily News (1991-2003). Before that it appeared regularly in Sports Collectors Digest(1975-1991). The tradition will now continue on the World Wide Web. There will be a new column every Thursday (plus a backlog of recent columns). We wish to create a dialogue with our readers (as we did on the Daily News for so many years) so please email us with your comments and questions.

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This Website has no affiliation or association with the Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society, Inc. It is simply one long-time fan's homage to the golden days of Jimmie Foxx, Mickey Cochrane, Eddie Joost, Ferris Fain and the immortal Connie Mack.

Within these pages you'll find my "All-Time A's Team", picked with the help of A's Society members. You'll find a listing of A's in Baseball's Hall of Fame, A's on the Veteran's Stadium Wall of Fame and some other "stuff" that is related to the A's.

We are also going to include other Philadelphia Sports within these pages. 


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